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My Previous Back Surgery Didn't Work: What Can I Do?

My Previous Back Surgery Didn't Work: What Can I Do?

You’ve been struggling with chronic and debilitating back pain, and you yearn to restore your quality of life. Like half a million other Americans each year, you decide that back surgery presents the best solution moving forward, but you’re dismayed afterward with the lack of meaningful results. You aren’t alone. The hard truth is that back surgery really only garners a 50% success rate, leaving the unlucky ones with ongoing pain and discomfort.

Called failed back surgery syndrome, Dr. Ira Siegel and the rest of the team here at Pain Center of NJ understand all too well the frustration that comes with an unsuccessful back surgery. To help you move forward, we offer pain treatments for failed back surgeries with the goal of helping you regain that quality of life you so dearly miss.

Defining failed back surgery syndrome

Despite its name, failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) isn’t really a syndrome at all, but, rather, a catchall term for back surgeries that failed in its original mission — to relieve the pain. As well, FBSS also encompasses any new problems that can crop up after a back surgery. For example, perhaps you develop radiating leg pain after your surgery, which wasn’t present before the surgery.

Whatever the problem, FBSS is extremely frustrating as you fall short of your goals of regaining pain-free movement.

Further surgeries are usually not the answer

Making matters more complicated is the fact that there are diminishing returns if you undergo further surgeries.

To put some numbers to this problem, second, third, and fourth back surgeries result in 30%, 15%, and 5% success rates, respectively.

Since further back surgeries are generally ill-advised, this leaves you casting about for solutions to remedy your back pain, which is where our team comes in.

Treating your back pain after failed surgery

Since your surgery was unable to fix the underlying problem that’s causing your discomfort, we need to switch to pain management therapies that can help you better manage the pain and move more freely.

At our practice, we offer several back pain treatments, including:

In addition to these injection therapies, we may also recommend a tailored physical therapy program that will help you strengthen the supporting soft tissues in your back to relieve the pressure on your spine.

Going a step further, we may also recommend certain lifestyle changes that can help you better manage your back pain, such as losing weight, practicing yoga, and reducing stress.

Rest assured, we work with you until you achieve meaningful results that allow you to plug back into the world.

To learn more about our pain treatments for failed back surgery, contact one our locations in West Orange, Bayonne, Union City, Ridgefield, Edison, or Union, New Jersey, to set up a consultation.

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